Now Used Warchal Strings Have Value Too

since 2012

Warchal Goes Green

Have you ever wondered what materials are used to produce strings? Our strings are mainly produced from synthetic cores and a whole range of metals. We use high quality aluminum, stainless steel, brass, tungsten and pure silver, as well as a variety of special alloys. The prices of these materials are skyrocketing these days. This is due to increased demand for industrial production, but also due to limited supplies, which will one day be depleted the same way as the world’s oil supplies.

For example, silver cannot be replaced in the production of high quality strings. Each year hundreds of kilograms of silver end up in landfills and incinerators just because nobody has considered recycling them. Once they cannot be used anymore for playing, they are simply trashed by us, the musicians. Thus we, the musicians, contribute to a situation where we’ll have to pay more and more for high quality strings in the future.

Warchal has been on the market for a relatively short time but we are the first to introduce the idea of recycling strings. Our recycling program was launched on June 12, 2012. It is definitely not an easy task. Strings are light and though they weigh just a few grams they consist of a number of different materials. It is rather difficult separating these materials and collecting them in a volume and degree of purity that would make recycling profitable. Nevertheless, we’ve decided to go forth with this idea.

Despite our reasonable assumption that recycling costs will exceed profit generated, we still want to buy used strings from you. We believe that it is our duty to build the future of our planet in a responsible manner.

How can you get involved in the program?

Customers in the European Union are currently the only ones who can participate in our recycling program. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to operate this service for our customers outside of the European Union due to increasing bureaucracy and extremly high custom clearance fees.

Given shipping costs, it’s probably not worth it for you to send us each set of used strings separately. You can collect your Warchal strings, check their actual value here and send them when you’ve accumulated an amount worth shipping. Thus, you will exchange your strings for a credit on our website www.warchalshop.com.

This credit will automatically be applied to your next order. According to how much credit you have, your strings will be cheaper or even free (in such a case, you would pay for shipping only).

We will give you credit for any Warchal strings regardless of when you purchased them. If you are not yet registered on Warchalshop, you’ll need to register to become part of the program. It’s safe, simple and fast.