Jozef Suk "Warchal violin strings are truly excellent. Gentle on the fingers, they respond remarkably to every nuance of the bow. They produce a majestic tone and rich variety of timbres. I definitely recommend them to every violinist looking for a sound of superior quality."

Josef Suk

Jozef Suk

Pavel Šporcl "Warchal strings are great. They allow me to interpret any piece according to my innermost feelings and react to every movement of the bow sensitively and immediately. I can count on them 100%. I highly recommend them to anyone."

Pavel Šporcl
Ivan Zenaty “These violin strings play miraculously. Although life has taught me not to act rashly, two days after testing the new Warchal Ametysts, I excitedly used them for my concert in Berlin."

Ivan Zenaty
Professor of Violin at the Music Academy "Carl Maria von Weber" in Dresden, Germany.

Ivan Zenaty

Andrew Sords "Warchal Strings has a richness, penetrating brilliance, and spectrum of colors that is unmatched. Whether it is the consistency of the strings on tour or the comments I receive after performances, Warchal Strings are the only string I need for my career."

Andrew Sords

Andrew Sords