Brilliant The Brilliant advanced synthetic core set is intended for players who seek the most projecting sound. It also offers quick tuning stability. Synthetic core strings need about three to four days to settle in before achieving full tone quality.

Two D strings are available. D - hydronalium which provides a projecting sound with plenty of attack when needed. D - silver which provides a warmer and mellower sound.
Product No. Note Core Remarks, Winding Materials
900 HB set   (Hydronalium D - Ball End E)
900 HL set   (Hydronalium D - Loop End E)
900 SB set   (Silver D - Ball End E)
900 SL set   (Silver D - Loop End E)
901 B E Metal Plain Stainless Steel - Ball End
901 L E Metal Plain Stainless Steel - Loop End
902 A Synt. Hydronalium / Hydronalium
903 H D Synt. Hydronalium / Hydronalium
903 S D Synt. Hydronalium / Pure Silver
904 G Synt. Stainless Steel / Pure Silver